Photos and Information about Guitartown Waukesha Encore – 2013.

Hope you enjoy the ride!logo

Design Proposal

Work in Progress photos

Cover of the Waukesha Freeman

Waukesha Guitartown Video

Blog post – Day 8 with the guitar

Blog post – Day 19 with the guitar

Blog post – Day 54 and the end of the guitar

In 2012, I mosaic’d a playable sized guitar for the original Guitartown Waukesha.


Waukesha Patch posted a short sneak peek video of the guitars

May 14, 2013: The Official Guitartown Waukesha website now has an artist profile on me – it’s a very nice profile!

You can click on any photo below to enlarge it.  And you can comment on any or all of them if you wish.

This is the gallery of the finished guitar with detail shots (May 25th, 2013)

This gallery contains work in progress photos of the making of the guitar.


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