who I’ll call Linda, for lack of a different name.

About once a year the mailman drops off a box and when I see it’s from Linda, I shake it and sure enough, it rattles.  It chinks, it clinks, it rattles, and it shuffles around in there.  I get inordinately excited because from past experience, I know that treasures lie within.

Linda travels a LOT.  She doesn’t necessarily travel to exotic locations, but she travels the back roads and side streets and knows this country’s backyards from end to end.  And she’s a bargain hunter.  No upscale stores for her; she prefers flea markets, rummage sales, and thrift stores – she’s a LOT like me that way.  She once bragged she could tell real gold from fake gold jewelry from 10 feet – and I’ve seen her do it!

Back to my box in the mail.

I open it with reverence, knowing the contents will make me ooohhhh and ahhhhh.   I find small bags of glass, shell pieces, beads, and other treasures.  The bag of broken blue glass intrigues me.  I think about the piece I’m currently working on and how this blue glass is the answer to the problem that has been bothering me in that piece.  Linda knew what I needed before I did.

Let me say that again:  Linda knew what I needed before I knew.  She’ll be the first person to tell you she’s not artistic. She doesn’t paint, draw, sculpt, or mosaic.  She doesn’t sew, or take part in any other creative pursuit of which I am aware. She’s not artistic. She’s something BETTER.

She’s connected.

She’s been in my studio and she’s seen where, and how, I work.  She’s seen the bins of glass and containers of treasures I’ve collected over the years.  She owns several of my pieces and knows them intimately.  She’s connected to my work.  Somehow, someway, she knows what I’ll use, what I’ll cherish, and what will work for me.  She then keeps me and my work in mind as she explores the country so when she finds IT, she can send it to me.

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a friend like Linda, but I’m glad I do.  My work and my life are both richer for her presence.

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