Wrapped like a mummy for transport


The last 54 days have been a whirlwind of activity for me.  I received the 10 foot fiberglass guitar on April 3rd, and finished it on May 25, 2013.  It’s been delivered to the Waukesha Guitartown organizers.

Wrapped like a mummy for transport

I learned a lot of things about myself, mosaics, and my loved ones while pursuing this project.

I’ve learned that I can cut my hands, arms, and fingers on glass and not even notice until I see bloodstains on the guitar.  The corollary to this lesson is that the band-aids always remained on the counter. They finally got put away this afternoon now that the project is over.

I learned that my husband was willing and able (and actually happy) to pick up my slack around the house and life in general while I devoted myself completely to mosaicking this beastie.  He cooked, he cleaned, he mowed the lawn, he washed and folded and put away the laundry, he grocery shopped, and also devoted the last two weeks of his vacation to a “honey-do” list of home repairs while doing all of the above.  He also wrangled the guitar in and out of the house once a week so I could see it vertical in the back yard in natural light.  It got heavier each week and he never complained.  NEVER.  He did this all while I spent 10+ hours a day cutting and gluing and grouting.  I married very, VERY well 31 years ago.

I learned that some of my neighbors thought I was sick since it’s Spring and they didn’t see me out in the gardens or on the tractor.  They all came over yesterday while the guitar was getting glamor photos taken to see what that giant thing in our backyard is. I have great neighbors (who are grateful I’m not ill).

I learned that after awhile of working 10+ hours a day the aches and pains recede and I get in a groove and am anxious to start each and every day.

I learned that my temporary assistant (Jonelle) was thrilled to help out on the guitar.  She is my son’s girlfriend home from college during the last week of the guitar.  I thought she might resent me pressing her into service since she had some past mosaic experience, but she didn’t.  Jonelle helped me fill the neck with glass and she did a wonderful job.  Walking away to take a break while the work continues is a new experience for me.  I am forever grateful for her assistance to reach my goal.

My intrepid temporary assistant - for whom I am eternally grateful.

I learned that the landscape here in Wisconsin changes a great deal between April 3 and May 25th.  In the photo of me with the blank guitar on April 3, the grass is brown and the trees are bare.  In yesterday’s glamor shots, the trees are fully leafed out, flowers are blooming, and the grass is so green it hurts the eyes.  I was grateful for all the rain and cool weather we had while working on the guitar – it made it easier to bear being inside all day.


I learned that mosaicking a 10 foot guitar is like eating an elephant. One piece at a time until it’s done.

I hope you can join me on the 7th of June for the public unveiling of the Guitartown Waukesha Encore.  I tried to depict all the things I love about Wisconsin on my guitar and I’d like to share that love with you and your friends and family.  Watch this space for further updates as they become available.

And finally, I learned that people like and follow my work and my words here on my website and blog, as well as on Facebook, and for that I am humbled.  Your continued encouragement only makes my life and my work better.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jonelle and I  at the public unveiling on June 7th.
Jonelle and I at the public unveiling on June 7th.


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