It’s April 10th, 2013, and I’m starting Day 8.

That means I got the guitar one week ago today.  Seems like I’ve had it forever, and yet when I walk into my ad hoc studio in the morning, it still surprises me (for those not following closely, I couldn’t get this beastie guitar downstairs into my basement studio so I took over my son’s room [he’s away at college]).

The beast in my son's room.  He's away at college so I commandeered his room as a studio.  We couldn't get it down the stairs into my basement studio.
The beast in my son’s room.

The weather couldn’t have cooperated more – rainy and cold for the last three days.  If it was sunny and dry I’d be torn about being out in the garden rather than stuck in the house.  It couldn’t be any more dreary, which suits me just fine while working on the guitar.

Work is steady and rewarding, although the curves from front to side are giving me trouble.  When I’m finished gluing and before grouting, I’m going to have to go back over some spots and work out better solutions to the glass there.  The one thing I didn’t anticipate is the tedium of laying mirror.  The front of the guitar is not flat and thus has to be worked over inch by inch so as not to have voids under the mirror or sharp edges sticking up over the curves.  I do as much mirror gluing as I can each day before moving onto more interesting areas.

End of Day 7
End of Day 7

If I was painting this guitar, I’d have to turn it in by May 15th in order to have it clear-coated against the weather.  Since this is a mosaic that should stand the test of time and elements, I’ve given myself two additional weeks with my hard deadline of June 1.

June 7th is the public opening in downtown Waukesha, and it’s open to the public.  You’re all invited to share the music, guitars, and fun any night after June 7th!  June 7th marks the kick off of the Freeman Friday Night Live series, as well, with bands, street vendors, art, food, and lots of fun on (closed off to auto traffic)  Main Street in Waukesha.  If you haven’t been there in awhile, check it out.  There are galleries, restaurants, shops, and bands on every block.  It’s a rare Friday that we don’t bump into someone we know and end up having a blast.  I highly recommend Divino Gelato on Main Street – their salted caramel cashew gelato is the stuff of which dreams are made!

Thanks for sticking with me through this adventure.  I’ll keep the update photos coming and answer any questions you might have about the making of this guitar.



My oh-so-appropriate coffee cup
My oh-so-appropriate coffee cup





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