In late September 2013, we set out on a vacation of a lifetime.  We spent three weeks driving through the American West as far south and west as San Diego CA, and as far north as Boise Idaho.  We wandered through areas we’ve never seen and visited friends and family along the way.  The terrain and geology is so very different from Wisconsin.  I found inspiration and beauty almost everywhere I went.  Without going into a long involved travel log of where we were and what we saw, here are some of the MANY photos I took to spur inspiration back in the studio.

Badlands, SD Sunrise over Bozeman MTThe colors and the changing shapes around the country just floored me.  The elevations were amazing and the views astonishing. Bison poo Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone Autumn in Yellowstone Snake River Canyon Boise ID Snake River Canyon NevadaLiving in mostly-flat-with-some-rolling-hills-Wisconsin, I was continuously fascinated with the way mountains and hills cut across the sky.  Every day brought a new formation and different perspective. Nevada Bridge over Hoover Dam, NV Rock Formation in Nevada Ceiling of the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas San Diego Sunset San Diego Zoo Nevada Nevada Outside Flagstaff AZ Outside Flagstaff AZI’m already producing work based on the inspiration I’ve stored up, and there are LOTS more pieces to be born out of this vacation.  Thanks for enjoying a small part of it with me!

Inspiration from Vacation

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