As some of you know, I used Laticrete’s Epoxy Grout for my 10 foot guitar mosaic to celebrate Waukesha Guitartown in 2013.  If you are a mosaic artist and have never used epoxy grout, I highly suggest you purchase some and learn how to use it (and if you’re thinking about grouting around the house – a backsplash or your shower tile – give it a try!).  It’s so much finer textured than cement based grout and it’s just as easy (dare I say easier) to mix, spread, and clean up.

When I grouted my giant guitar in May of 2013, being a somewhat messy artist I dropped some grout on the drop cloths and promptly stepped in it.  It got stuck in the treads of my work shoes and stayed there.  Since it had set up quite well while I was working, I forgot about it until just recently when I discovered some of their grout STILL stuck in my treads in January of 2014.  Not a big deal you say?

Those are the shoes I wore on our 3 week vacation around the American West which had me walking through Yellowstone National Park, the Little Big Horn Battlefield, Boise ID, Las Vegas, San Diego, Flagstaff AZ, Santa Fe NM, and many, many, many points in between.  We put 5600 miles on our car during that trip, and many many miles on our feet!

That’s some seriously durable grout!  7 months, lots of miles, and there is still grout stuck in the flexible treads of my work shoes.

grout shoes



I I shared this anecdote with Laticrete just for grins, and look what they posted on their blog!!

Thanks Laticrete – you’ve made a believer out of me!


Thank you Laticrete!

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