Today found me flipping the guitar over to begin work on the back (my husband has been supportive and helpful throughout this process  I could never have done this without him, nor can I lift this without him!).  The entire front of the body is glassed.  160 hours over 18 days.  On just the front of the guitar . . . .

Day 18 in the sunlight with the love of my life, and the guitar.
Day 18 in the sunlight with the love of my life, and the guitar.

I’ve learned a few things on this one-of-a-kind journey.

I’ve learned that this guitar, which will be one large mosaic work, is really 19 different mosaics combined into one.  There are 9 mosaics on the front, 8 mosaics on the back, and two large ones on the front and back of the neck.  I’ve learned that if I approach each mosaic as a component, it’s much less overwhelming.


I’ve learned that I can cut my hands, arms, and fingers on glass and not even notice until I see bloodstains on the guitar.  The corollary to this lesson is that the band-aids NEVER get put away.  They sit on the counter waiting for the next slice.

I’ve learned that I can stand and work 13 hours a day on mosaic if the work surface is at the right height.  I will change my studio surfaces to reflect this height when I get back to regularly working down there.

I’ve learned that eating and sleeping are negotiable and that I have wonderful, caring people in my life who know how to get me to practice moderation and remind me that I’m not Superwoman, nor do I need to be.

I’ve learned that my Facebook followers and friends do indeed follow my work and that their comments and encouragement mean more to me than I thought they did.

I’ve learned that my feet are 52 years old and if I don’t change shoes several times a day I will not make it to the end of the day without serious curse words about foot pain.  The corollary to this is when a friend sends you “Mint Bliss” foot cream for achy feet you USE IT and enjoy the sensation of relief!

I’ve learned that music is essential to my creative process.  I crank up my JBL Flip and play my Itunes library in whatever order suits my fancy.  Some days it’s Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Mozart, other days it’s Mumford & Sons, Tracy Chapman, and John Mayer.  And some days require a shuffle – surprise me with the next song.

Thanks so much for following along on my journey.

On to the back of the guitar!



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