I’m sure you remember my unprovoked blood clots from December and January. After every blood test know to man and beast, there was only one thing that remained; a cancer diagnosis.

I have that now.  They found it in my liver, pancreas, and lymph nodes in my gut. The only thing I know for sure is that it came from somewhere else Рmy ovaries, my stomach, my colon, including other areas. We saw the oncologist today and have a great deal to process in order to move forward.

I’m still on the inject-able anticoagulants for the blood clots in my legs. The swelling and pain have gone down a great deal and for that I am happy.

Please save your stories and anecdotes of this cancer for another time. What we all need right now is your prayers and good wishes. We need your love, your light, your healing, and your peace.

Will update as this progresses.

I am not making anything in the studio at this time.

February, 2016

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