A mosaic friend Linda Biggers, has mosaicked a LARGE fiberglass ballet shoe for Saratoga En Pointe. Similar to the large guitar that came my way, Linda threw all she’s got into this magnificent creation. Have a look around her Facebook page – it’s WONDERFUL!

Rivenworks Mosaics – Kelley Knickerbocker, a Seattle mosaic artist who gets the whole layering and stacking vibe.  She’s perfected it!

Carol Shelkin Mosaics – she takes the human form and improves upon it in wondrous and magnificent ways!

Pat Keller Studio – an amazingly talented painter (and friend) with whom I am proud to share Wisconsin

Lin Schorr Mosaics – Lin Schorr, a mosaic artist and organizer of artists.  She’s got the whole “herding artists is like herding cats” thing down to a science.

Apartment Therapy – because there is art and design in all areas of life and I like to look at it.

Artstormer – it’s always worthwhile to study the best artists out there and ArtStormer brings them into my computer on a regular basis.

Eve Lynch – Eve’s mosaic art is completely different than mine, but oh, how she inspires me.

ArtBiz Blog – as art professionals we all need good advice and an occasional kick in the pants.  Alyson is never afraid to give both!

GlenCliff Art Studio – Lynn Bridge’s mosaic art studio.  Envelope pushing at its best

Kim Larson Art – Kim Larson, a California mosaic artist and all around good egg.

If I’ve missed someone or somewhere you think should be included, please let me know.  I’m always pleased to look at other artist’s sites.

One thought on “Where I spend my time in Cyberspace

  • January 5, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    You know I adore your work with alcohol inks. Fabulous creations and color. Keep creating!



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